Diagnostic CT

Diagnostic CT Scanning

diagnosticWhat is a CT Scan ?

CT Imaging is a method of obtaining detailed “cross sectional” images of the internal body structures. It utilizes a very thin x-ray beam along with computers that perform millions of calculations to produce pristine images. CT scans are utilized to visualize organs, bone and tissue, unlike conventional x-rays, CT scans demonstrate the whole body structure that is being imaged.

Does insurance cover a CT Scan ?

Yes, most CT procedures are covered by both Medicare and private insurance companies. However, we recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly.

How do I prepare for a CT Scan ?

If you are having a CT scan of the abdomen or pelvis you will be required to drink a dilute barium product the night before and two hours prior to your imaging exam which coats the stomach, small and large bowel. In some imaging procedures you will also receive an injection which highlights the vessels and circulation to the organs. You will be asked not to eat anything six hours prior to the exam if the procedure does require an injection.

During the exam – what to expect

Before your CT scan, the technologist will go over your symptoms and explain the procedure to you. Molecular Imaging utilizes state of the art equipment including a very fast CT scanner. While you are laying on a padded table in some cases with your arms resting above your head the table will move you in and out of a “doughnut” type hole and you may be asked to hold your breathe. If you are receiving an injection the technologist will inform you when the injection is being administered. The whole scanning process only takes a couple of minutes which is convenient for the patient.