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Molecular Scans

At Molecular Scans, we take pride in our reputation by caring for and putting the patient first as well as ensuring that your referring physician has your results in a timely manner so you can be treated quickly.


When necessary, medical imaging plays a very important part in your healthcare needs and supplies your physician with the necessary tools to properly diagnose and treat your condition. Molecular Imaging offers same day appointments and stat results to your physician. If you have a transportation issue, we will provide transportation to you.

For Patients

When required, medical imaging is vitally important. It provides physicians with information and insights needed to diagnose a particular condition or help patients maintain optimal health. Our mission is to provide physicians with the most accurate, timely and quality diagnostic information available.


When a physician refers their patient to Molecular Imaging, we use our caring approach and imaging expertise to ensure that each patient’s experience will be safe, secure and comfortable. Our streamlined referral process makes it easy to refer and schedule patients while ensuring they are prepared for safe, informed imaging exams.


We’ve spared no detail in making sure Molecular Imaging centers allow patients to have the very best in care and diagnosis. We also focus on streamlining processes to free physician office staff so they may spend more time on patient care and less on paperwork. To schedule an exam at the most convenient time, please contact us today.

For Physicians

Molecular Scans has grown by mastering the latest technologies and attending to the needs of the patients and referring physicians.

STAT Reads

In the outpatient setting, we have the ability to get your patients scheduled the same or next day, and the report is available within 24-48 hours. There are times you will find that you simply cannot wait that long for the results, so Molecular Scans has the capability of providing the results to you within an hour after the patient’s exam is completed. A faxed preliminary report will be sent directly to your office or wherever you designate.

Images Available On CD

Molecular Imaging can place your patients’ imaging on CD for you to be able to easily load onto your computer.  This will enable you to view the scans and share with your patient if you desire.

Images Available On The Internet

If you choose, you can view your patients’ images almost immediately on the internet no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Molecular Scans will place your patients’ images online and give you a secure access code to enable you to be able to view the images at your convenience.

Special Requests

Molecular Scans is here to work with you and your patients. If you have a request please contact us and will we do whatever we can to accommodate you.
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