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Attention: Legal Requestors

Medlegal Associates Corp.


This communication is to inform you of a new partnership Medlegal Associates Corp. has forged with Clearpath, the leading national platform for records and diagnostic image fulfillment.


You have been identified as a consistent requestor. Given our long-term experience working with you, we are committed to helping alleviate the challenges we collectively face daily. To reduce our collective challenges around mailing hard copies of discs: shipping costs and delays, status, and  invoicing/payment we have selected a partnership with Clearpath to digitize the release of diagnostic imaging (X-Rays, CTs, MRIs and more).


The purpose of this outreach is to inform you that all new requests for images, records & billing must go directly through Clearpath’s platform effective Tuesday, October 10th. New requests will no longer be accepted via personal service, mail, email, or faxed for Medlegal Associates Corp. effective October 10, 2023 and all requests must be submitted through the Clearpath portal.


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Platform Process

  • You will setup 1 requestor account for your organization with Clearpath (instructions below), you can add additional users to your account
  • As part of the setup your facility will be required to setup payment (ACH or Credit Card)
  • Your organization will initiate all requests at
  • Your facility will have real-time visibility into status, invoicing, and payment
  • All status is accessible through the Clearpath portal. No additional follow-up should be necessary via phone or email

Benefits Accrued to Requestors

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce shipping costs and delays
  • Reduce fulfillment and delivery time
  • Receive all records and images digitally
  • Real-time visibility into status, invoicing, and payment
  • Avoid challenges with broken discs and encryption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate driving, physical pickup and delivery

What You Need To Know

  • Security: Clearpath has been vetted and meets HIPAA, SOC2-TYPE 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST standards
  • Turn-around-time: Reduces delivery of films and records down to a few days
  • Program Effective Date: All requests must be directed to Clearpath effective Tuesday, October 10th.

Next Steps

  1. Contact Clearpath to setup your facility login:, who can answer any questions
    about Clearpath and the overall record/film request fulfillment process. Training documentation will
    become accessible once you are provided a login
  2. For all other questions and support please contact:
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